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The critters in my yard (photos). A story about camouflage.
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For your enjoyment, a little photo essay on the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.
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I know you're probably all sick to pieces of hearing the saga of Richard Parker the peacock, but I took some photos of him today that I really love, and I don't generally really love any of the photos I take.

They're here. 2 peacock photos, one ridiculous outlier, and a completely unrelated Fargo quote. (Look, ma, an Oxford comma.)
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In honor of World Water Day, a post/photospam at Wordpress.

Pier Review

Mar. 2nd, 2013 10:30 pm
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Six favorite photos of mine detailing life on, off, and near central California's coast.

1, 4, & 6 - Pismo Beach, 2 & 3 - San Simeon, 5 - Port San Luis.
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I made a little photoessay: Oregon in the fog.

Perfect speed for a Friday night. How are all of you doing?


Dec. 27th, 2012 07:14 pm
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Photo behind the cut )

And another one right here on my photo blog.

This Red-breasted Sapsucker seemed to be having a hell of a time of it on my pear tree today. He stayed put for a long time. The tree looks like it was drilled, but hey! It's part of the process.
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Me and Will Turner, a match made in cat heaven )

I call that my Clementine Kruczynski impersonation, not that I look anything like Kate Winslet, that's just how I dress. You can't really see Will Turner so very well, but that's him, being all kinds of affectionate. Or else he just wants to steal my latte and he's buttering me up before he swipes it.

Also, everyone looks better in soft focus.

One of these days, I'll write up a whole thing on how Clementine=Ramona Flowers or vice versa, but it won't be today.


Dec. 2nd, 2012 08:19 pm
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For all y'all's viewing pleasure.

Photos of Half Moon Bay & Bolinas in the Bay Area, and some of Disneyland/Disney California Adventure.

Hope you enjoy them.
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So I was fucking around with my camera the other day and felt obligated to practice self-portraiture. Honestly, how can I expect anyone else to feel at ease in front of the lens if I can't do it myself? I was tired and un-made-up, but I did it anyway just to get the feel for it. I took a couple pictures, then played with effects and textures and whatnot to see what I could come up with.

behind the cut to save your bandwidth )
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OK, so I kind of suck at the updating thing lately.

Instead of telling you all the blah blah blah stuff, I went and took some artsy fartsy pictures for your viewing pleasure. Behind the cut, to save your souls )

Eye candy for the day?
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A long time ago, [ profile] woodwind asked me for a photograph of an outfit, because she had no idea what my style was.

Here's today's. )

And for those complaining of hot weather, here's my view today. )

Voila. Off to do errands, I'll be back ASAP, my lovelies. Hope y'all are having an incredibly snow-free day.
in_the_blue: (trucco's hands) the zoo. It was gorgeous out today, 65 and sunny, so my kid & I went.

I have a ton of photos, I don't want to inflict them on everyone unless you're interested, but I put two of them up on my photo blog.

Guys, it was too much fun. It might even stave off the blues for the next two weeks of cold rain we're supposed to get.
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[personal profile] skygiants asked me for a photo of a squirrel. You'd think those guys would be everywhere around my yard, but they're oddly elusive at this time of year. So when one decided to do rodent aerobics at my bird feeder, I snapped him for her.

over here )

It's just a standard Western Gray Squirrel. We also typically have Douglas squirrels (or pine squirrels) and California ground squirrels, but none of them wanted to come out and play for you, Becca. I was glad this one obliged.
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[personal profile] genarti asked for something that makes me think about warmth and a favorite beverage. I combined the two.

no comment on the mug. )

[ profile] proudofthefish requested my favorite decoration in my house.

She gets three, in order of favoritism )

[ profile] wanderlustlover requested the thing in my house that will never fail to either make me smile or make my heart feel safe. I went for the former, because you've seen enough pictures of cats by now.

I'm secretly a pack rat. )

And last but not least, [personal profile] vivien requested raccoons.

This is Justine. X2. )

I still owe [personal profile] skygiants and [ profile] shireheart their requests. I haven't forgotten!


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