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Cleaning up my online spaces. I deleted mostundisciplined (my art tumblr) and jb's tumblr. Neither of these deletions happened on a whim; I've been thinking about this for a long time now. You probably know how much I can't stand tumblr in general, so I think my main tumblr is next to go. I never check it, I don't miss it, and using the site in general makes me anxious. Not to mention how the whole user interface has been dumbed down. Tumblr makes me too unhappy.

So that's that. Too many blogs in too many places.
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Guys, I've just been writing.

A lot. And reading a lot. I try not to crosspost everything, so if you're interested in the writing stuff, join me at [ profile] gwynnejackson. I figure if you want to read the more process-oriented stuff, you know where to find me.

I also decided tumblr is more fun when I don't take it seriously. I'm [ profile] eleven02 there.

And you all know I'm [ profile] notsuestorm, where I'm usually quite silent in open defiance of the whole point of social networking.

Soon, I will be searching around for a first reader or two ([ profile] kit_the_brave, I'm looking at you). I have a first draft deadline of April 12 for no good reason other than it's what I picked.

OK. Off to watch either True Detective or Raiders of the Lost Ark. As you were.


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