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[ profile] govcampbell asked me for something from [ profile] dogstar_academy canon for today's entry in the meme. I have to confess, this was the most difficult thing for me to write.

For those of you who don't know, Dogstar Academy was an alternate universe Harry Potter roleplay board. The basic premise was that Sirius Black had become Headmaster of his covert own school for witches and wizards (since he was still and always in hiding - the game started well before Order of the Phoenix was published; imagine the explaining a very alive Sirius had to do after his death became canon). We started out back in the days of EZboard and ProBoards, where a catastrophic malicious attack on the site wiped out a number of years' worth of RP. I'd paid extra for the folks at EZboard to back up our community, but apparently they never bothered. We lost everything. I've never cried so hard over losing writing before but we had some absolutely marvelous stuff. We'd figured out so many things, taught so many different classes, developed so many characters.

Eventually we started over again at LJ. I'm not sure we ever regained the magic (ha ha) of the first site, but we had some rollicking good fun once people got used to the threaded RP style there. We did close the site once the story seemed to have run its course, but it lasted a good long time. It's actually been eight years since our last post there. Revisiting this canon was bittersweet. I tried four different approaches to working in this canon again. Ultimately, all I could do was a little bit of IC expanding on the ending. I hope it's okay, Bernie. Sometimes I really miss playing Sirius. His journal was my first ever on LJ.

All good things must come to an end )
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(or close enough!)

For the December meme, [personal profile] jules1278 requested Sirius's favorite Christmas.

Here you go, and happy birthday, Juli! )

December 7

Dec. 7th, 2014 10:51 am
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Why am I not surprised that half the requests I got for this December meme are for Harry Potter stories? YOU GUYS. Actually, I met so many people here through that fandom, and now I'm tempted to do an entire series reread on the New Year. Who's with me?

For today, [ profile] bitchet requested A Black Family Christmas, so here goes.

Deck the Halls with Heads of House-Elves... )


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