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This is for you, if you're reading over here.

Basically, I want to play ALL MY CHARACTERS with ALL OF YOURS. I ran out of time today for answering in Daily Entertainment, so consider yourself tapped on the shoulder for a thread with Sam and/or Zevran, as appropriate.

Thank you!
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Sorry, been busy RPing. I feel a little bit like sharks are eating my brain, but it's also entirely delightful. I realize this makes no sense. Unless you're a fellow RPer, then it probably makes all the sense in the world.

Here's the good news. Guys, guys, I finally have a character again I want to play every single day. I haven't felt like that at this game since... well, probably since Spike. it's one of those hot sizzling damn! moments and it makes me stupidly happy.

Just saying.
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What oh what do I do with [personal profile] wizard_howell?

I can't seem to decide without my fire demon to advise. I could... )


Jan. 13th, 2012 03:59 pm
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So here are my thoughts on the whole Milliways move thing. Current|former|past|present M'ways players, I really want to hear all your opinions on this!

I played at a game for a while where there was no such thing as retiring characters. When you left you left, and if someone else wanted to play that character, that was perfectly all right. In some ways I loved that, because it's really kind of fantastically humbling to have the point driven home that while nothing we did with our characters was forgotten, none of it really demanded in-game continuity. So my longest-played character had a huge impact on Milliways (or so I like to think). But on the other hand, most of the people he interacted with aren't there any more. What's the harm in letting someone else play him, especially if the game itself is resetting (maybe, possibly)? Or should I retire him just because of all that?

I've been out of the game for a long while now, and I'm pretty sure most of my characters can be let go. I'm wrestling with it a little bit, but that's probably pride more than anything else.

There are characters claimed at Milliways but never (or rarely) played that I would love to try my hand at if they free up, but just because I didn't get to them first doesn't mean I want to steal them away from anyone else. I sure know what it's like to want to play a character but to need to wait for the right moments to play them. I know there's value in characters who are played regularly, and just as much value in characters who are played only from time to time. I guess the bottom line is there's no one required way to RP, and that's something I've always appreciated about Milliways.

Just so you know that even though I haven't been active, that doesn't mean I haven't been following or keeping tabs on what's going on.
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RP blah blah )
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I have no set agenda to post here every day or anything but look! I'm on track for that. Oh, 2011, you will be a better year, if only in a way that four is a more resonant number for me than three. Numerologically speaking I'm a six (as opposed to a Six) and that means... well... about sixes )

Anyway, I got sidetracked. I didn't intend to post about numerology (hello, Gemini ascendant in all your perfectly justifiable easily-distracted glory)! What I intended to say was wow, I've gone all year without really talking about roleplay, how sad is that? It's certainly something to be rectified and guess what? This is probably only of real interest to [ profile] batyatoon and [ profile] silveraspen, and I'm really not into going around saying read my stuff, read my stuff, but Paige and I are working on a Kara/Sam thread from the end of No Exit (ouch, I know, I know) and I thought the two of you might be interested. There are significant spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen the whole show, so be forewarned! I'm enough of a RP ho that I will gladly point you to other non-spoiler-filled (and finished!) threads if you're that interested.
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The past few days, all my focus has been going to this dumb TV show that ended a year ago already, and I didn't even start watching it until it was already over, but luckily for me that means I got to watch it all as fast as I could stand. Battlestar Galactica is not for everyone: those who like shows with lots of formulaic drama and happy endings are bound to be dissatisfied. I'm sure most of you who are going to watch it have already done so, but I'm going to give you five words that define BSG for me.

1. Relentless )

2. Seductive )

3. Creative )

4. Familiar )

5. Beautiful )

There. Now that I've waxed poetic about BSG, I can talk about how that translates to RP.

Roleplay, with BSG spoilers )
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Have you ever woken up in character? I have.  )

So tell me! Why do you love the fandoms you love? I'm curious.
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"The greatest respect that a writer can give their readers is to not write anything that they expect." That's what Goethe said. He also said this: "Whether it's a human work or a natural work, what we have to pay special attention to is its original intent." That guy says some good things... Who would have thought that I would quit being a cop and become a bounty hunter? All my old friends are surprised, saying, "you totally betrayed my expectations." But that's fine. I want to do something that nobody else would think of. Seeing things you've never seen... hearing stories you've never heard... my comrades enjoy that quite a bit.

I love it when life imitates Bebop.

I've been sitting here trying to gather my thoughts and see what I feel like saying about everything that's been going on the past few days. Since this is mostly related to [ profile] dogstar_academy, I'm putting it under the cut to spare all y'all who don't give a rat's ass.

RP stuff beyond the veil )

Cat Update
I know you've all be waiting with bated breath for this: Tabasco and Tawny were spayed yesterday ("spaded," my Russian grandma used to call it in her thick accent), and I brought them home today. They're doing great. We got back all of Tribble's bloodwork: she's doing great. Will had his feline leukemia booster: he's doing great. All the cats are... doing great. It's nice. I take the chiquitas in for stitch removal on our anniversary (the 25th! yay! 15 years!) and then we should be done with the vet bills for a while. Mitch and I happen to both think it's extremely funny that, for our anniversary, we're doing cat stuff. In case you didn't know, we got each other cats for our wedding present. Jasmine is still hanging in there, but Fudge passed on in May. In the meantime we've had about a million other cats come and go and my honest-to-God secret is that I'm really a dog person. I keep waiting for fewer or no cats so I can get a dog again. Seeing as how we just adopted the family of four, I don't see this in my near future! There's no room at the inn! I told the vet that the next cats showing up at my doorstep are his.

Meme Update
I want to do that fictional character meme. I've been avoiding it for days but I can't avoid it any more. I've stolen it from too many people to list. Here goes:

Tell me the fictional character I remind you of, and tell me why you think that. A new and fun way to see how people view you!

And so as to not color your ideas, I'll later tell you what fictional character I identify with most. :D You'll be surprised.

When I reread that, I can't promise the very last line to be true. I can't promise it at all.

Milliways Update
I want to thank the members of the academy... heh, last night I had so much fun there in 2 brains and many threads. Cheers, hugs, salutations, and thanks to [ profile] wizard_howell's partners in crime: [ profile] agonistes for Kaylee (Howl has a lot of explaining to do, doesn't he?), [ profile] bookelfe for the perfect Sophie Hatter (I couldn't have hoped for better), [ profile] genarti for River Tam (please don't kick me again), and [ profile] ms_ntropy for the Oompa Loompas (even though she doesn't read this). And for [ profile] bothbutneither's partners in crime: [ profile] lostinapapercup for Faye (who never fails to intrigue, baffle, and mystify Gren), and two-more-who-don't-read-this in [ profile] gao for Yuna (who breaks Gren's heart) and Kurosaki Ichigo's player, whose LJ I don't know, for being everywhere all the time.

12 Update
Heh! Playing 2 different versions of Spike: an exercise in extreme creativity, or the most stupid thing I've ever attempted? Well, fuck if I'm not having the biggest blast ever with this endeavor! Plus, *sigh*, it's finally giving me the chance to RP another character for whom I've been trying to find the right place for... what, two years? Three? to the tune of I don't know if I can do him justice! That tale remains to be told, but I'm giving it a hell of a run for its money.

And now, a WISH I WAS SPECIAL, SO FUCKING SPECIAL hug to [ profile] hfleming8 because she sure deserves it.

One more thing: The Stiff Records Box Set is... one of the best things ever.
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Mister Saxophone's been busy. Gearing up for stuff to come.

Gren stuff )


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