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Gotta say, 3 days in Boston wasn't enough. If I'd been traveling by myself I would've done the trip so differently (like... tried to see YOU BOSTON PEOPLE and everything). But I was with my family, and we... blew into town saw the Red Sox went to the Aquarium had dinner with my oldest dearest friend went to Stellwagen Bank and saw lots of humpback whales saw Shear Madness walked back from the theater district to the wharf drove to Cambridge so my kid could see what Harvard is like had Dunkin Donuts drove to Connecticut saw family had the hotel pool to myself drove to Newark flew home. Last night I finally gave up trying to sleep at 3:30 or 4, and just stayed awake. I figured I would sleep all the way from Newark to San Francisco but didn't.

What is this asshattery.

We had such a fun time, though. Now I'm going to sleep the rest of the weekend... I hope.
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Tribute to #33

I'm going to miss Tek.
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I have to wait another week for spring training games, huh?

Time to watch Bull Durham. Anyone with me?
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Red Sox vs. Mariners

I took some pictures at the ball game this weekend. Sharing 18 of the best with you.
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Reasons to love the Red Sox:

1. Jason Varitek )
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I am already (stupidly) excited about the Red Sox this year and I can tell you without reservation: chicks ♥ baseball.


Jacoby Ellsbury's back, reported to spring training a day before he had to. With his usual cool aplomb, he waved off all concerns about his rib injury, about his ability to pick up again where he left off (by opening day, that was his promise), and about how no one's faster than he is.

Kevin Youkilis is returning to third base. For those of you late to the Youk bandwagon, he is... an amazing third-baseman. Now, of course, the Sox have Adrian Gonzalez at first base and that allows Youk to go back to third, and I like it. I like it a whole lot.

Carl Crawford. Carl Crawford! LOOK AT THAT OUTFIELD LINEUP. Look at the infield lineup! Look at the whole team!

Guys, guys, I could go on and on. It's only February 17 so I'll save some for later, see how spring training shakes out, but this... it's going to be such a fine year. I don't like to make predictions in advance but I do happen to remember living in Boston and watching the Globe sports page and seeing the Red Sox move into first place on something like April 26 one year ('86, I'm pretty sure) and never relinquishing that first place hold all season. In typical years though, they start out strong, do fairly well through the All-Star break, then have a spectacular nosedive in August that has fans biting their nails. It's been a long time since I had the pleasure of sitting at Fenway Park watching a game but I would go back in a heartbeat if I could and I will always, always be a Red Sox fan. They get in your blood and team loyalties die hard, harder, hardest.

Now it's time to dig out my Mo Vaughn shirt; he wore #42 before it was retired across baseball in honor of Jackie Robinson in 1997 (oh, I go back further than that with the Red Sox! I go back to friggin' Carl Yastrzemski days!). So what if it snowed here this morning? It's springtime, and I couldn't be more ready for baseball.


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