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Time for a random post of random!

- I saw Immortals today (in 3D, no less). What a ridiculous movie. First of all, Mickey Rourke, we know you're badass. Second of all, who knew everyone back in ancient Greece except Mickey Rourke was so danged adorable? Third of all, what, the Arrow of Apollo wasn't the star like I thought it would be. Fourth, virgin oracle pretenders are the most badass characters of all, even badder-assier than Mickey Rourke, but with fewer scars (at least at first). Fifth, stop making ridiculous movies about Greek mythology when all you really want to do is show off pecs and biceps and have lots and lots of blood. There are better ways. Oh, and one more thing: I kept expecting John Hurt to tell Theseus that the wand chooses the wizard. I was sadly disappointed when it never happened.

- But my favorite minotaur is still the one from Time Bandits.

- Yuletide, I'm working on deciding what I want to request and offer. I'm kind of excited about working with fandoms new to me this year. I'm trying not to offer the ones I request but I might fail at that.

- With my kid in a new school, I'm now driving 3+ hours a day at a minimum. It's just like going to Seattle every day, I tell myself. Do it twice and I could pretend I made it to Vancouver BC (we have to specify around here, because there's also Vancouver WA, also known as PJ or Portland Junior, but one of those places is nothing like the other). Know what that means? Time to make new music for the car. My latest CD is all George Harrison songs.

- Speaking of George Harrison, I got a few Amazon gift certificates for my birthday and I've bought a bunch of the early Beatles remastered CDs. ♥♥♥ My heart.

- Most exciting news. Writing more. Those of you reading my book, I got some great feedback from my older sister (who's a published novelist) and I've been trying to wrap my thoughts around how to incorporate that feedback. Today, the light bulb went on and I figured it out, so I've been very productive. I'm not messing with what's there, with what you may (possibly) be reading. But if you actually are reading, I would really love to know your thoughts on it.

- New zoom lens for my camera. I love it.

That's all.


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