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Remember back when [ profile] lostinapapercup and I ran a RP game called [ profile] outpost_12? I do. ♥ For today's entry in the December meme, [ profile] lostinapapercup asked for people at [ profile] outpost_12 getting into the holiday spirit. I decided to keep the fic solely to some of the characters the two of us played, because those are the ones I know best.

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Today, I wrote a story.

Title: Dark of Night
Fandom: Last Exile
Characters: Alex Row, Euris Bassianus, Arthur Campbell
Word Count: 1782
Rating: G
Warnings: Spoilers through episode 15. (Nothing my fellow RPers haven't already heard.)

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I haven't done one of these in a long time, and it just seems like a good idea.



Fandom: any fandom.

Word count: Let's say a minimum of 300 words, just to give it a little substance.

Main theme: Someone Else.

Ratings: No restrictions.

Duration: Challenge opens now (October 22) and runs for 2 weeks. Closes at the end of day Thursday, November 5.

The inspiration from this comes from [ profile] ashavah, who's currently working on a series of sketches of one character as seen through the eyes of someone else. Brilliant, Jess! And so I steal it, but with a twist. You don't have to write about someone through another person's eyes. Just write whatever the theme "someone else" suggests to you.

Post your fics as comments to this entry, or post them in your own journal and link to your story below. Feel free to do as few or as many as you want, and if you see one you really like, be sure to leave a review or a comment. Everyone's welcome. HAVE FUN! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


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