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OK, so I was away over the weekend and busy today, but in the wee hours of Sunday morning, the moon moved from Aquarius (bye, all you lovely crazy dreams) to Pisces. What does it mean, what does it mean?

You ever known you know something, but you don't know how you know it? It's just gut, just intuition? That's the moon transiting Pisces. You ever feel emotions running under your feet like a fast-moving stream? That's moon in Pisces. You ever feel psychic? That's moon in Pisces. You ever feel in tune with deep dark mystical things? That's moon in Pisces, starting to get the picture?

This is a time when we really have to pay attention to our feelings and to those of others. We'll actually be a lot more open to other peoples' feelings and want to help. We might be feeling magnanimous, generous to a fault, self-sacrificing. Emotional much more than logical, and very imaginative! There's an enhanced sensitivity to drugs and alcohol during this transit. We might go out of our way to be near the water (I was in Seattle, looking right out at Elliott Bay), or to meditate, or to be involved in creative pursuits like theater or film. Anything spiritually-based will catch our attention during this transit.

Pisces rules the twelfth house, which is the house of the subconscious and of the spiritual. Of dreams and intuition. So pay attention to dreams and to gut feel during this transit.
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The good news about these moon transit posts? There are only going to be twelve of them.

I'm so excited about the moon transiting Aquarius that even though it doesn't start for about another four hours, I'm writing about it now. This -- as promised and advertised -- is my favorite time of the month. First of all, I don't do that well when the moon transits earth signs. I get picky and unhappy and irritable. But second, the moon in Aquarius makes me look forward to going to sleep at night because it usually gives me the most amazing dreams! Global dreams, dreams on a huge scale, dreams of entire universes or giant groups of people. That's because Aquarius is such a global sign that already forces people to look beyond themselves and their own personal good to the fortune of society as a whole. Couple that with the emotional pull of the moon, and voila. Crazy dreams.

At least this is the case for yours truly, but I've heard other people make the same or a similar claim. So at 8:47 tonight (Pacific daylight time), the moon will move from Capricorn to Aquarius. What else does this mean, grasshopper? It means we want to branch out, to learn, to collaborate on a large scale. We want to be out and about and doing things because at heart even though it's a sign that loves to investigate and dissect things, Aquarius is a lot more sociable than its neighbors Capricorn and Pisces. But... we'll want to do everything our own way.

Remember that great line everyone in Lost got to say at least once? "Don't tell me what I can't do?" That's kind of a hallmark here. Moon transiting Aquarius gives us an increased desire for independence, independent thought, freedom. But it kicks subordination's ass, I tell you this quite happily. It's great for reading, for learning, for pursuits of all things scientific and all things that could possibly have a beneficial impact on the world as a whole. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific research took place with the moon in Aquarius (or Scorpio, I'm partial). But I'd also venture to guess that none of those things were done under the gun or to please a boss or because some deadline said they had to be done. Moon in Aquarius demands a lot more freedom and individuality than that.

On the other hand (I know! Classic AIR SIGN saying, revisit Libra if you need proof), Aquarius is an air sign so our emotions will tend to be less... volatile and more curious. Less personal and more distanced. One thing about Aquarius (and I love all you Aquarians out there, believe me) is that emotions and Aquarius are like oil and water: they don't mix. It doesn't mean Aquarians don't have emotions; that'd be ridiculous. But it means that they tend to hold them back a step, an inch, with just enough detachment so that the things that might bother some mean Scorpio with her moon in Pisces wouldn't even make the Aquarius flinch. They'd be able to look at it and go... "huh, interesting!" where I might look at it and scream and claw for what I thought I wanted.

When the moon transits Aquarius, we have the chance to step back a little from the serious depth of emotion and take things a little less critically. It's a blessing, because the next transit, Moon in Pisces, is going to bring emoting back in a big way. Chill, we've got a couple days.

Rounding out that big old Zodiac chart, Aquarius rules the eleventh house, and that's the Big Funhouse of Friends, of Social Climate, of Original Living, of Fortune (if the eleventh house was a tarot card, it'd be the Wheel of Fortune). So what's it mean, what's it mean? Well, the eleventh house rules doing things in groups. On a societal level. On a global societal level. My favorite description of the eleventh house is "the playground where we meet the world." Isn't that beautiful? It's creative collaboration rather than individual shine... does this make any sense?

Okay, so I'm jumping all over the place because a) I have a cold; b) I got almost no sleep last night, or c) because I just have that much to say about this upcoming transit. To recap: go forth and do something great for society as a whole. Look at how things affect people globally rather than individually. Kick back and have fun and do it your way, and enjoy the dreams!


Aug. 9th, 2011 02:07 pm
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The moon's just moving into Capricorn as we speak. Like Moon in Virgo, we'll be analytical and picky, but we'll also be persevering. If we start feeling a little rules-based and formal, a little strict, a little remote and reserved, that's just the Capricorn moon transit at work.

Capricorn is honestly one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, one of the hardest-working. This moon transit is a great time for business, for long-term planning, to put to practical application all the things you've been thinking about doing but were too busy to get around to. Let's think about Capricorn, the goat: what do goats do? They climb. They push aside all obstacles in their paths and get to the top of the hill, where they can stand silhouetted against the sunlight and look down on all the rest of us who got too distracted to do the hard work it took to get there. If you get the sudden urge to get up and get things done, that's the moon talking to you.

Astrologically speaking, Capricorn rules the tenth house, and that's the house of hard work, of career, of wisdom, of rulership or of being ruled, and primarily of ambition and authority. We want things to be right. We'll be precise like we were when the moon transited the sixth house, but not just because we want to be precise. It's because we have to be. When the moon transits this house, we need to be right, correct, looked up to, and respected. It's also where we'll feel (and accept) the consequences of our actions, so in some sense it's a house of karma. It's a great place to be productive, and it's also a place of palpable change.

Have a productive transit! By Thursday night the moon will have moved on into Aquarius, my personal favorite two and a half days of the month for reasons I'll explain then.

The Archer

Aug. 7th, 2011 05:08 pm
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No, no, no, I got it, let me get it for you. Want a cup of coffee? I'll buy: the moon's in Sagittarius.

I used to have a Sagittarius friend named John O'Kelley (what a great name) and he was about the single friendliest person I've ever met. Wide open like a book, honest to a fault, generous, kind, adorable. He had the uncanny ability to call or show up just when I needed a call or a shoulder, and he always did everything with a smile on his face and never expected to be compensated for it. In so many ways, he's the ultimate Sagittarius. I like to call them the boyfriends of the zodiac, the ones everyone automatically adores.

My best friend growing up was also born under the sign of Sagittarius. Her name was (and still is, I'm sure) Nina, and she was so much fun to be with. She tempered my water sign moodiness with her fire sign love of activity and sense of bravado, but there was nothing conceited about her. She was just good at the things she did, in a rough-and-tumble sort of way, and I adored her too.

So the moon is transiting the sign of Sagittarius: what does that mean? It means we're prone to generosity and kindness ourselves, to wanting to be helpful. We're confident and happy and travel suddenly sounds really really good to us. Looking at it from another perspective, we'll be prone to clumsiness of the I-stepped-on-the-rake-and-the-pole-hit-me-in-the-forehead variety. Open a drawer to find something and pull it out all the way, and everything ends up on the floor. That kind of clumsiness: pick up a bag of groceries and the handle pops off and there go your groceries rolling down the street.

Fortunately, the sense of openness and generosity always outweigh the clumsiness factor, in my humble opinion. It's an active transit where we're going to want to get out and do things, so enjoy it while it lasts. Moon in Capricorn on Tuesday's bound to bring us back down to earth.
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I don't know why all the astrology sites talk about how the moon transiting Scorpio means an emotionally difficult time. We're not that difficult. Just secretive. So what does it really mean for the moon to be in Scorpio? It means you get to be a little bit of a detective. You'll be focused and intense. Devoted to a cause. Passionate about everything, from the color of your shoes to politics to world hunger. It's just the way it goes!

Scorpio rules the eighth house, which is the house of secrets. Of death, which is merely the flip side of transformation and change. It makes me wonder why people are so afraid to really delve and get to the bottom of whatever's going on. Of course, there's that famous Scorpio intensity, which can be intimidating. Hmm, looks like the eighth house should be the house of I. But not like the first, which is me me me: the eighth house imbues a sense of self that encompasses more than just ego. All the mysteries of the world get incorporated into it, in some way or another, and it's fun to explore.

So the moon's in Scorpio: get out and do something detailed, something you love that takes concentration and focus, something that takes odd twists and turns. It's an emotionally creative time! Don't let the whole Scorpio thing frighten you: push yourself and you'll realize you have a lot more inner strength and drive than you thought. Behind all that intensity, you might find buried treasure. (Guh, now I sound like an astrologer, time to stop!)
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My back hurts. Then again, maybe it doesn't. On the other hand...

I say thank God the Moon in Virgo transit is over and we're on to the beautiful airiness of Libra. Where the past few days were all about detail and precision, crankiness and irritability, the next few should be about... well... wait, maybe I... did I start the right way? What is it about Moon transiting Libra again? Oh, right, are you sure? Yeah? Positive? Okay. Indecision.

Libra's symbol is the scales, and you know what happens when you try to weigh something on a scale, right? It dips one way, then another, then the first, then the second, until finally it evens out. Like a seesaw, we go back and forth, weighing all our options, until we finally make a decision. Phew! It's a good thing I didn't go for a pedicure today, or I'd still be deciding what color to paint my toenails! All this is a long-winded way of saying that what Libra's really about, besides indecision, is balance. They're flip sides of the same coin, right? I'm unsure about that metaphor... just kidding, I'm a Scorpio, we know what we mean. Most of the time.

With Moon transiting Libra, we flock to partnerships and friends like flies to honey (or is that like moths to flames?). We'll be more sociable, feel better around other people, reach out where we didn't the past few days. For those counting the twelve houses of the zodiac, Libra rules the seventh house, which is the house of partnership (and for all you romantics out there, it's also the house of marriage). So if you feel a pull toward that kind of thing, don't worry, it's just the moon doing its thing. You can resume your regularly scheduled program when the moon moves into Scorpio in a few days.
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Got your medicine cabinet stocked up? Got your first-aid supplies with you at all times? Feeling a little picky, a little judgmental, a little irritable? Maybe your stomach's bothering you a little bit, and maybe you have a need to have things stacked up neatly or put away just so. Finding fault with things wherever you look? Seeing a job that could have been done better? Annoyed about things in general?

Don't sweat it, it's just the moon transiting the sign of Virgo. It's a time for editing and fault-finding, for undertaking things that seem routine, for cleaning and cleansing, for detoxing and neatening, for gardening, de-cluttering, and analysis, for work and seeing effort from that work.

Virgo's an Earth sign and rules the sixth house, which represents work and employment, but it also rules the quality of our health and our physical well-being. So now you know why work and diet go hand-in-hand, I guess! Since it's a good transit to be cleaning up and straightening up, that's where I'll be for a while. And hopefully not too stressed!
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Hello. I am the moon. I've just moved into the sign of Leo, and aren't you glad about that?

Point me to the stage. Let me go wild. Get me out there, let the sun shine on me, I fear nothing!

I am: expressive, creative, dynamic, self-centered, fantastic, fun to be around, in the spotlight, on. Adventurous, flirtatious, dynamic. Let's play!

Leo lords it over the fifth house, which is the house of creativity, passion, and pleasure. For this moon's transit, you might feel like you're in charge (and if you're not, you might feel that you damn well ought to be!). You'll be more confident, more dramatic, and maybe just a little bit louder than usual! Have fun with it. The moon transitions to the next sign, Virgo, on Monday in the wee hours of the morning, so enjoy the Leo moon while you can! Great weekend for doin' stuff, yo.

La luna

Jul. 28th, 2011 07:08 pm
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So while LJ was all being attacked and shit, the moon transited into the sign of Cancer. What does this mean, you ask? Well. Since yesterday evening (my time zone, yours may vary), have you been feeling a little touchy? A little emotional? Craving the comforts of home and family and friends? Or maybe you've been on the flip side of the Cancerian moon: giggling uncontrollably? Finding things a little loony? Have you been craving seclusion? Safety and safety nets? Think of that little crab curling up into its shell and you'll get it about the moon transiting Cancer.

But mom, you say, although you know deep in your bosom that I am not your internet mama, my tummy hurts. Well, that's a part of the body ruled by the sign of Cancer. We get a little needy, a little crabby. Okay, maybe a lot crabby. Maybe we all need a shot of moon in Leo, but that's coming up in a couple days so hang on and you'll feel like venturing out into the spotlight again.

Moon transiting Cancer brings us a need to nest, to be at home. It's the sign of the fourth house of the zodiac, which rules home and family. We get sentimental and sensitive and please don't try to get me out of bed too early or I will snap at you with my claws. Let me stay close to home, or close to my friends. Don't make me go out and be good with strangers. Let me bask in the concept of being a total homebody, and I will be so happy during this transit. If I can't be at home, put me by the ocean (Cancer is a water sign).

For a great example of Moon transiting Cancer, check this out. One of my cats has been at the vet's and had to stay overnight. I set my alarm and did not want to get out of bed, but I checked my phone and sure enough, there was a message from one of the techs that Mr. Will was ready. I bolted out the door (well, I got ready and dressed first, lest you think I wanted to cause a scandal, that will happen with the next transit) because all I could think about was bring Will home. Then I got him, brought him back here (had to comfort him the whole ride home, poor baby), checked a few things, and ran to meet one of my girlfriends (I have some!) for lunch. Turned out her car was in the shop and they called to say it'd take longer, so since she's practically family, I took her to pick up her daughter, took them HOME, got a tour of their garden, and fell back into the comfort food of my creative LIFE by taking her to the bead store with me while we waited for her car. Then it was ready! It worked out! She could go home! I could go home. I'm glad to be home tonight. There are things I want to do and see, but mostly I just want to curl up in my nest and be comfortable.

So that's what I'm doing. (Also, I keep turning off the TV because it's too much noise. That would've been okay a few days ago when the moon was still transiting Gemini, but not today, thankyouverymuch.)

(Look: [ profile] scribble_myname followed the lure of moon in Cancer by being artistic and making me an icon!)
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Seriously if you can't stop communicating you know why--oh, look, over there, something really really shiny! I'm sorry, you were saying something? Gotta run.

But really, folks, this is Gemini we're talking about. The third house, the house of communication, of sociability and I'll tell you a story I don't think she'll mind me sharing: I have a friend named Sandy who I've known for... forever, it seems, since back in the days when my only online communication was CompuServe and a dial-up modem. She hired me as a writer for a project she was running, and we fell into a fast friendship and have been friends ever since. We've been emailing each other for years -- let's see, my kid's 16 and we met before that, so you do the maths and call me old if you must but I'll ignore it anyway -- but over the past little while (a year or two) we've fallen into bad communication habits. An email a month, or maybe every six weeks: hey, we're busy people, we both have families, we can justify it all we want but the truth is they're still poor email habits.

Until today. I think we've exchanged six or eight messages to each other today; it just felt like the right time to do it. I thank (not blame) the moon transiting Gemini for this spate of contact. It's Gemini. It's communication but it's also distraction, so if you have someplace to be and you head out only to find yourself suddenly going somewhere else that seemed that much more attractive, you can blame it on the moon.

It's a great two and a half days for brainstorming, for bouncing ideas off one another, for WRITING, for talking, for catching up. But expect the distractions; Gemini = twins and during this transit you will always find yourself wanting to do more than one thing at a time. Go with the flow. It's an air sign. It's easy. It tumbles here and there, back and forth. It's too much caffeine on an empty stomach, it's light and fluffy like a breeze, it's not going to be particularly deep but that doesn't mean interactions won't and can't be meaningful.

This armchair astrology brought to you by the good people at the Borders going out of business sale. I'm headed there next, unless I find something shinier along the way. Also by LiveJournal, my favorite tool for communication, which seems to have bounced back with the transition of the moon from Taurus (slow and stubborn) to Gemini. Thanks, guys!
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It's a day, isn't it? So many people are unhappy. I want to hug my whole friends list, each and every one of you.

Today, the moon is in Aries. Aries, the ram, ruled by Mars, the god of war. Think bellicose. Think head-butting. Think extremely impulsive. Think rash and reckless and impatient. Think infantile, because Aries as the first sign is the infant of the zodiac. People are going around being very egocentric! It's by the force and example of the moon. Warriors, warrior maidens. Headaches, head injuries, these things abound under an Aries moon because Aries rules the head.

Emotionally we are revved up and stark naked under an Aries moon. We have no patience with others or with ourselves. We want to get things done for the sake of getting them done. We will deal with the consequences of our actions another time but today, we act before we think. And that's okay because we know we're right. We are headstrong. We butt heads over concepts, ideas, actions, inactions. But we can also accomplish great and miraculous things with all that Mars energy! We just have to focus it.

Moon in Aries will not make us diplomats. It will lead us into battles. It also makes us courageous and decisive. It makes us want to take the bull by the horns and rattle sabers. It favors being athletic and it favors brainstorming, but it will sap our patience and thoughtfulness. It's explosive. Literally. Look at what's going on in Oslo today.

Overnight, the moon will move into the sign of Taurus and that will bring with it a whole new set of challenges and delights. The forceful energy of the past few days will mellow and it will be a good time to nest and nestle. Patience will return, and the ability to proceed with diligence. Think of Taurus the bull moving steadily forward on feet that look anything but light. It's ruled by Venus and that brings with it a greater degree of harmony and a sense of beauty. It's a good time to rest and regenerate, to get cozy.

The moon transits each sign for about two, two and a half days. On the 25th, it moves into Gemini and that's a whole new ball of wax, and another, and another. But more as the days progress, if you're interested.


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