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Sometimes I like to watch my stats on AO3 to see which stories are rising stars. It's my own fanfic version of CDM. For a long time I watched The Magic School Bus Gets Stage Fright rise steadily above the rest, in a Ms. Frizzle-inspired miracle of levitation. But Magic School Bus just got displaced by Family. Duty. Honor., my missing scene fic about Ned & Catelyn Stark's wedding night, which just catapulted into third place on my stats list (it's not as pornful as it sounds, sorry if that's what anyone was expecting).

AO3 never fails to amuse me! Things I suspect will go over really well fall flat like lead balloons, and the ones that seem like they have little potential hang around beating the crap out of other stories. Who knew.
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Remember that thing going around about our top ten fanfics on AO3? I decided to revisit it, since I have lots more fics up there.

Instead of ranking by hits, which really only means someone landed on the page, intentionally or not, and doesn't even mean they stayed to read, I'm ranking what I have over there by kudos. At least I know that means the fic was read, most likely.

  1. The Magic School Bus Gets Stage Fright (Magic School Bus) (3634 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2012. A story about brain chemistry. Dorothy Ann/Carlos, with appearances by the rest of the cast.

  2. Unsurprisingly, Thrill Rides Prove to be Metaphors for Life (Baccano!) (3143 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2010. Ah, to be young. Forever. And in love. Maybe.. Ennis/Firo Prochainezo, with Czes, Miria, Isaac, and Maiza.

  3. We'll Always Have Paris (Midnight in Paris (2011)) (3171 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2013. "Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso. Gil/Gabrielle, with appearances by Ernest Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald, Salvador Dalí, and TS Eliot.

  4. Tickets, Please (Baccano!) (1953 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2011. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Or: Claire Stanfield has a conversation with himself. Claire, as advertised.

  5. Free (Last of the Mohicans (1992)) (1072 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2010. Alice Munro dreams of freedom. Alice Munro, Magua.

  6. S.F.M. (Caprica (TV), Battlestar Galactica (2003)) (2292 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2011. What if: a look at Lacy Rand's adventures on Gemenon and beyond. Lacy Rand as Tom Zarek's mom, crossover by request.

  7. Copycats (Baccano!) (1254 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2009. It was their first heist, but it was destined not to be their last. Isaac and Miria as kids.

  8. Out of the Past (Midnight in Paris (2011)) (1763 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2012. Gil was really only passionate about two things: writing fiction, and Paris in the rain. Gil/Gabrielle.

  9. Balance (Baccano!) (1390 words)
    Written for I Need My Fics, 2012. They balanced each other. Ennis/Firo Prochainezo.

  10. Cupboard of the Heart (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)) (3773 words)
    Written for Yuletide, 2012. "How shall I lose the sin, yet keep the sense, and love the offender, yet detest the offence?" —Pope Alexander Alexander Pope. Mary Svevo/Howard Mierzwiak, Mary Svevo/Stan Fink, with bonus Hollis Mierzwiak.

So what does this tell me? First, that Yuletide stories get more people willing to leave kudos than non-Yuletide stories. Second, that people reading Baccano! fanfic are more willing to leave appreciation than non-Baccano! readers. Third, people like happy fics more than unhappy ones, with the exception of the Last of the Mohicans fic which details Alice's last moments. And fourth: the Midnight in Paris fandom is tiny but effusive. ♥

This is all just musing. I like looking for patterns in things, and this is only one measure of a pattern.
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New Sam Anders story at the AO3. Pre-canon, no series spoilers.

As you were.
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Nothing new to see here, this is for my own information more than anything else.

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